General Meeting Dates 2021

*With the Lifting of further Restrictions and following on from the Recommendations of the Health Department (over the COVID-19 Pandemic), WACSA is pleased to Announce that we are able to again Host the General Meeting at the VCC. We ask that if you are Feeling unwell or have Reasonable Suspicions of being exposed to COVID-19, that you Refrain from Attending at this Time*

The following dates are for the monthly meetings for 2020/21 Season. They are Now being held on the Third Thursday of each Month at the Veteran Car Club at 265 Hale Road in Wattle Grove, comencing at 7:30pm.

The Committee would like to thank Shannons Insurance for their Support in Hosting our General Meetings in the Past and their continued Support in allowing us to hold our WACSA Committee Meetings in their offices.

21st of January

16th of Febuary

18th of March

15th of April

20th of May

17th of June

15th of July

19th of August - Also the WACSA AGM

16th of September 

21st of October 

18th of November 

December 2021 - To be Announced but Generally not held

Confirmation of these Dates can be seen also on the WA Classic Speedway Association Facebook Page.

NOTE: A meeting of the WACSA Club Committee is usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month (usually prior to the General Meeting Dates but Occasionlly after). If you have any Items that you may want to be Considered or wish to have Discussed before the General Meeting Dates, please Contact one of the Committee members to Table it.

Quairading Club Runs 2021

The following Dates have been Approved for our Quairading Club Runs for 2021/22. All Current Financial Members are Welcomed and encouraged to attend the Events. The Dates are as Follows.

Early-Mid-Late April: Quairading Busy-Bee, date to be Confirmed and No on-track use.

24-25th of April: First on-track run

29-30th of May: Second on-track run

26-27th of June: Third on-track run

31st of July to 1st August: Fourth on-track run

28-29th of August: Fith on-track run

25-26th of September: Sixth on-track run

9-10th of October: Seventh/Final on-track run and Shutdown for the Year (to be Confirmed)

All Persons wishing to Enter the Property are Reminded that they do so at the Own Risk and NO Liability is Offed by the WACSA, the Owners of the Property and/or other Participants.

It is a Condtion of Entry to the Track that All Members fees are to be Fully Paid BEFORE entering is Permitted. A single 1-Day Membership is Allowed on 1 occasion Only, on any further Visits require a Full Club Membership.

Events Calendar for 2020/21

We are now looking into what Events will be offered to the Club following the COVID-19 Restrictions and the following Events appear to be Available for us to Enter. These may change as more events become Available. If you wish to be Involved or Display a Vehicle or have any Event ideas, please contact our Events Co-ordinator: Bob Mcness

31st of July to 1st August: "Xmas inJuly (to be confirmed)"

Mid November: Seniors Have A Go Day and Display at McCallum Park in Burswood. 

Late November: WACSA Xmas Wind-up (date and venue to be confirmed)